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Saturday, June 03, 2006

What is web 2.0?

I was reading an article in today's Times newspaper (print edition) about web 2.0 I know from previous experience that when things end up being published in the main stream media I need to go and check the original sources as the main stream media often puts things incorrectly.

Wikipedia describes Web 2.0 as:
"Web 2.0 generally refers to a second generation of services available on the World Wide Web that lets people collaborate and share information online. In contrast to the first generation, Web 2.0 gives users an experience closer to desktop applications than the traditional static Web pages."

Basically Web 2.0 sites are services to get things done usually with other people.

Examples of Web 1.0 services compared to a Web 2.0 service are given below:

Web 1.0 --------------------------->Web 2.0
personal websites-------------------> blogging> napster
content management systems ------> wikis
Britannia Online--------------------> Wikipedia
Akamai ----------------------------> BitTorrent
DoubleClick-------------------------> Google AdSense

O'Reilly Media where one of the inventors of the term Web 2.0 and have a 5 page article explaining more about it here.


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