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Monday, May 22, 2006

It's nice to talk......

I was listening to the radio yesterday night and the DJ was commenting on how he had not sat in an office for years. He then stated he understood how fed up people got working in offices, as he had sat in an office for the day and he recieved an email. The problem was that the sender was sitting 5 desks away from him and just emailed him a question which he could have answered in less time it would have taken to send the email and recieve a reply.

Anyway in my current role my team leader who sits opposite me diagonally, has decided that to communicate with me he will either use email or Office Communicator.

To stop him, when I recieved an email I have said looking at him intently, "So you want me to do ......". Then he has decided to use Office Communicator. The first time he did this I pretended it was not working so he came and checked it whether it was working or not. I have since put on the busy sign. I have also been told by a friend to inform him that if he gets through again to say to every email and IM he sends that "I don't understand".

I should state that I'm not the only one being singled out for this treatment as this guy has been repeatedly warned by the Process Manager to stop sending so many emails and talk to people.

One of the reasons I like working is that it gives you a chance to talk to people who have a different lifestyle and view to you. However if your colleagues refuse to talk for whatever reason you quickly get fed up of them.


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