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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pay and Gender Equality

I was reading as article pointed out to me by Slashdot
which is a study called Tech CEO Pay Doesn't Match Performance. It opens with:
"An analysis of the 100 largest technology companies finds that those with the highest-paid CEOs in 2005 had the worst returns."

The article goes on to illustrate that companies that pay their CEOs the highest have the worse performing CEOs and the poorest stock price. The author claims that this may be due to putting in place a CEO to turn the company around but others on slashdot have made comments that indicate the real truth is that CEOs are all about getting the most money as possible for a job by talking themselves up, squashing staff development and training and making staff under them work longer hours. And that most of these CEOs get their jobs on the golf course or by going to school with someone on the board which means that most women are out of the running. In fact the only CEO of a tech company I can think of is the former HP boss
Carly Fiorina.

Women in technology field always end up being paid less and lose out in their career. Lots of people mainly men make up excuses hat women don't ask for the pay but this is not true according to some of the mailing lists I'm on. What comes into play is that the tech field expects long working hours but women are expected by society to have children and look after them. In fact if as a woman you say to a man that you don't want children because of how society treats you and whatever other reasons you may have including you don't think you will be happy having children the majority of men have a fit, even though more men then women indicate in surveys having children hasn't made them happier. In fact having more than one child significately decreases the amount of happiness by a woman according to a study.

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