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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

End of Support for Windows 98 & the most influential.

Windows 98 and ME are no longer supported by Microsoft as of today. What does this mean?

Well the few people I know (I can think of 2) who have Windows 98 PC's cannot get security updates. I don't know anyone who has Windows ME because the only people I know who had it installed Windows 2000 on their computers because they found ME a very bad Operating System.

On another note today I voted in ComputerWeekly's survey to find the most influential person, software, company and hardware in the last 40 years of computing.

The choices for person included Bill Gates, Linus Trovalds and Tim Berners Lee. Companies mentioned where IBM, Apple and Microsoft. Software included spreadsheets, email and html . (Yes I know HTML is actually a programming language). Hardware included barcodes, routers and the PC.


At 12:22 PM, Blogger Les the Spaceman said...

I remember the 1st time they announced the end of support for 98 - I'd just bought 4 copies for my internet cafe, so I was a wee bit unhappy about it, but this time it looks final.
The only reason I can think of for using 98 is on an old machine that can't handle the glutton that is XP, but unless there's some ancient device attached for which there are no drivers, I'd be inclined to drop linux on it.


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