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Friday, May 19, 2006

10 ways to make male programmers scared of you

I have noticed in my current role, in interviews and in previous jobs that male programmers/developers are scared of me. I spoke to a friend who is working in the gamming industry as a artist and she has noticed the same thing.

Looking at some the most competent women:
1. Kathy Sierra who writes the Head First series and is involved in examinations for Sun. She is blonde, skinny and very competent.
2. Bostock and Chandler who for 20 years hide the fact that they were women but wrote the A level Maths books that all English and Welsh students use.
I can see why.

Anyway I have compiled a list of characteristics that make male programmers/developers scared of women in the field:
1. Wear a dress or a skirt to work 80% of the time with feminine shoes or funky boots.
2. Dye your hair, bottle blonde is a favourite but any other blatantly non-nature colour will do.
3. Have basic hygiene and wear makeup at all times to work even if you have done a 15 hour day the day before.
4. Have an interest outside work that is blatantly feminine and talk about it often i.e. shopping for handbags or funky shoes, having nice nails, needle work
5. Have an interest outside work that is blatantly odd and talk about it often most extreme or unfemine sports will do.
6. Be better at your job then them (not hard most guys lie on their CV about their experience there as women lie about their qualifications)
7. Ask the most basic questions that the men forgot in an innocent manner to sovle a problem, and look puzzled when they try and over complicate things. This is especially good if you do it in front of a manager.
8. Spend a whole two weeks telling them of for swearing.....then swear yourself like a trooper out of managment earshot.
9. Discuss wages (whatever it says in your contract) and if they earn more than you but are sh*t at their job, resign without explaining why and get another job somewhere else.
10. Refuse to talk to them via email or instant messaging when they are sitting opposite you or are in the same room. Explain loudly and repeatly especially in front of management how this wastes storage resources and time.


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