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Friday, June 16, 2006


I keep learning emacs commands and forgetting them because I don't use emacs to write text files or program, so I figure that I'm going to have to have a cribe sheet of commands as I get asked in interviews if I know emacs or vi. I don't actually use the command line to edit files because I normally use a windowing system such as KDE and a good text editor such as KWrite or an IDE such as Eclipse.

Computers are suppose to make your life easier so if you have a text editor available or an IDE why use the command line terminal to edit files? It makes no sense, shows that you are disorganised with your folder layouts and is a purists view. I know where to find the information if needed and know whatever system I'm using be it windows, unix or linux without internet access to bring a good reference book with me.

I am currently using the commands in one of my linux books however there are a few online tutorials here and here plus you can download a version of emacs for windows


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