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Friday, July 21, 2006

Street Crime and Tech Gadgets

Street Crime in the UK is on the increase. According to the Home Secretary, Mr Reid, this is:

“.. largely driven by a rise in the numbers of young people carrying expensive goods, such as mobile phones and MP3 players.”

Yet this report in The Times states:
But the figures disclose that other forces, including many in rural areas in England and Wales, reported significant increases. "

So at the moment I'm imagining someone in a rural village in
Gloucestershire such as Batsford walking down the street and getting mugged for their ipod. (I have friends' who were brought up in such places and I know such a senario is unlikely.)

There are mutiple reasons why the crime figures have shown that mugging has increased one of the old ones is that more people have been reporting lost gadgets as stolen to claim money on insurance, and teenagers are more likely to both be the victims and pertuators of crime on each other.

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