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Friday, August 11, 2006

The number of Blogs

Apparently according to stories there are 2 blogs created a second. Most of these unfortunately are spam blogs which I have in the past few months have had the (dis-) pleasure of reading.

Technorati indicates there are about 50 million blogs most of these I think are like the blogs I've written- simple online diaries of daily events, photo blogs of trips, blogs about feelings and lastly blogs to remind yourself of stuff you have done. Of course there are photo blogs of just things in peoples' lives like their pets or hobbies. All these blogs serve a purpose which is for the writer to record things for themselves, and a selected few others. Very few blogs are good enough or informative enough to provide entertainment for other people. Some of this is due to the language they use- the person writes in slang which is really hard to read as lots of writers don't realise that the conservative form of any language means a blog is easier to read by others,- others are due to the subject matter the author writes about while still other blogs, like ones I've have written, have been done so they provide as little personal information as possible. This is because of the author wants to remain anonymous due to writing either about work or a controversial subject.

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At 9:10 PM, Blogger Les the Spaceman said...

Another reason for blogs being somewhat anonymous is, as in my case, there's precious little of interest in the author's personal life.


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