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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Messing around with Open Office - Part 2

For a while I've been trying to produce Microsoft Excel and PDF documents with Open Office Calc. I first tryed unzipping the Open Office Calc files to see what files it was made of, then started using the Open Office API.

Using the API is a lot of hardwork. Some of the Javadoc documents seem to be missing so you end up reading IDL guide. Some of the examples given in the Developer Documentation don't make sense or don't exist so you end up searching the Macros and Programming board of the Open Office forum. When that doesn't make sense you end up looking at the code snippets
where your realise that you have to be able to read another language i.e C++, OORex to understand what you are doing wrong. All in all using the API is a steep learning curve.

In reality I should actually contribute what I've learnt to the project so other Java Programmers don't have to do a massive search on how to do things like set headers and footers in pages.

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