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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Keeping Children Safe On The Internet

While I was reading some blogs I overheard on the radio that the UK government wants to establish a kitemark for software that keeps children safe on the internet from paedophiles.

This news has made me sit and snigger as the fact that any computer contacted to the internet has a browser which allows you to go to any site you like which hosts a message board, forum or gives you access to webmail.

The only real way to keep children safe while using the internet is by being aware of what internet sites they are going on to, using kiddie control software which doesn't let them browse certain sites (surprisely this actually works) and produces a log of what sites they have to, explaining to them that people on the internet are not always who they seem and most importantly actually talking to your child. By talking I mean you get into the habit of asking about "their" day and actually listening. That way they will be more inclined to tell you what is in their letters, emails, etc. In fact they will be so happy that you are interested, you will actually wishing at times they would shut up.

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