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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Teaching People Who Are Scared Of Computers

One of my brother's is scared of the unknown. This means he is scared of using a computer to do things he hasn't been taught because he thinks it can go wrong if he presses the wrong button. This has good points and bad points.

The advantage is that I can teach him to use software such as Firefox and tell him that using stuff like IE is bad because it allows more spyware on your computer. (This isn't explicity true now.)

The disadvantages is that I can set something up for him i.e. parental controls that send him email activity of his kids surfing habits but if I forget to tell him how to read them he won't do it. He will also be afraid to ask thinking I have told him what to do. Luckily he has a wife who is not afraid to use a PC or ask questions on what she doesn't know.

His behaviour remainds me of the things that people put on mailing lists about bosses refusing to teach people how to use new software programs particularly if they are old. The fact is that some people whatever stage they are in life are open to new things in different arenas while others are not. Saying you don't want your staff trained because you think they are not capable of learning new things shows the problem lies in you because noone knows exactly how another individual thinks.

Of course you may think that if you tell people often enough they can't do something they believe you. However in the Western world of work they will a soon realise that you are a money pinching discriminatory bastard resulting in them leaving, suing you or both.

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