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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Understanding free software and Bloppers in Movies

Having used free software since I came into computing I've had to explain the meaning to many people. This article from freesoftewaremagazine uses a cake as a good analogy to explain what "free" means.

Many movies show their protagonists using computers to save the day. However it's always amazing what the computer can do compared to real life. For example in the 24, they are able to download information to a PDA without problems and there is always someone who can crack the computer code of the enemy just in time which is always helped by the fact they can just demand more computing power when they need it. In Minority Report, Tom Cruise's character is seen using a 3D computer to move files around and collect information. The system doesn't crash and Tom Cruise never gets tired. Anyway more movie bloopers

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