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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Internet Use Policies and Firefox 2 out

Every place I've worked has had a different policy. Some let developers download anything because they know that if you download something dodgy then you better clean it up or get sacked for destroying data. Others only let you download approved stuff while others let you download stuff only after approval from someone else.

The worst places I've worked locked my PC so I couldn't download anything until I had to point out that I couldn't actually do any work. I've also been told to remove a Java compiler because it was not recognised. I had to send a polite email twice pointing out I couldn't do any work if I did this.

I've just got a three mobile phone contract. Apparently they are alright if you don't break your phone. Unfortunately I didn't buy any accessories. So I'm going to have to go into a shop and get a cover for it.

By the way firefox 2 comes out today. Straight after the release of IE7.

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