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Monday, November 06, 2006

Are you worthy?

If you are in the UK or US and a computing professional you can actually get free IT business magazines. All you have to do is find a collegue who has a subscription, google the magazine name and then find the subscribe button. You have to complete a long survey in which you have to put what large goods or services you are involved in buying for your company, and then a few weeks later you will find a magazine in your mailbox. If you get rejected it is because you are not involved in the buying process of a product therefore you are not worthy of free subscription. Examples of such magazines include The Oracle Magazine (US) and Computer Weekly (UK).

I currently have a copy of IT Week infront of me. In it in two articles are the reasons why there is a skill shortage in IT.

Article number one states when I advertised for a position recently I recieved a high number of highly qualified CVs for the job therefore "...being honest,what we really mean is that there aren't enough low-cost skillled workers in the UK."

Article number two states that it is "...incumbent on employer to do more to tackle the problem.....You can't just say. "Dear University, I need 100 computer science graduates this year please deliver."

Of course IT Week was delivered to me free. I'm not paying to read in print what I know already.

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