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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Being busy

The reason I'm posting so little is that I moved house and now have to redecorate. One of the funny things about moving house is the parking situation. Before I parked anywhere on the street and didn't have a problem parking because everybody else had a garage. Now I can park infront of my apartment however how I park i.e. exact position and location was agreed with my neighbours. However due to living in a restricted parking zone some people have decided parking in front of the building is a free for all and park in a position bound to cause maximum distress for residents. So every now and again someone receives a sign on their windscreen informing them that the parking is for residents. Unfortunately it's the council's fault for not enforcing residents parking on this particular part of the road. I think this council is basically inept and have written to my local MP with some questions about recycling as this council doesn't do much doorstep recycling either.

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