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Monday, May 07, 2007

Shopping for Handbags & Where Do You Put Your Mobile

Next week I'm going to a wedding. Therefor a friend, who is also an IT worker, and I have been shopping for accessories. Accessories, to the uninitiated, are items that complete an outfit and how make it look different. Anyway my friend was trying to decide what handbag she was going to get and she looked purse. While the purse was the right colour it was very small so I pointed out to her that it was a bit too small to put a mobile and money in it.

Anyway I read this report from Nokia that apparently 61% of women carry their mobile in their handbag and as a result miss lots of calls because they can't find the phone in time. The report, here, is one of those reports that you probably could find simplar answers to by just surveying the people in your office.

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